This self-drafted corduroy jacket was my attempt to make something that can replace (at least a few wears) the denim jacket that I wear super often!

Pros & Cons of my self-drafted corduroy jacket.

I sewn it back in 2018 and, well, it was my first time sewing corduroy kind of style. I have watched and read everything I could possibly find online about sewing corduroy, and well, it came out as I expected!

I used mid-weight 100% cotton corduroy fabric and 100% viscose purple fabric for the lining. I got both fabrics from La Fab Tessuti in 2018. I am super happy with the quality, I actually did not want to use viscose for the lining, it was too gorgeous)! It wanted to become a blouse, lol!

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the corduroy fabric
  • I love the lining fabric 
  • I adore the rounded collar (it was a pure experiment for me)
  • The body-shaping goes amazingly with all my clothing
  • I picked a very nice color for this self-drafted jacket to match my wardrobe


  • Rounded pockets on the chest are not for me, lol, it was an experiment as well, so I do not plan to include those anymore.
  • As the cut of the lower side pockets is on the bias I should have interfaced it better.

Will I sew self-drafted jacket again?

I PLAN to repeat it taking into consideration next:

  1. Square or diamond pockets on the chest
  2. Try it from linen or denim)
  3. Use pretty buttons.

Do I recommend it?

Definitely! I think the overall cut of this self-drafted corduroy jacket is very fun and can replace at least from time to time classic denim jacket. It can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts… 

In the photos below you can see how well this perfect grey tone of the corduroy fabric matches some of my knitted scarves.


  • Self-drafted corduroy jacket
  • Self-drafted viscose blouse
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans (they were light blue, I painted them dark grey at home, supposed to be black, but came out dark greenish grey)
  • Rings and earrings from Santiago de Compostela street markets
  • Garter stitch light blue scarf
  • Garter stitch scarf in navy merino
  • “Bevel” scarf by Brooklyn Tweed


Have you sewn something from corduroy?

in plans?