This beautiful viscose crepe was a leftover fabric from a dress I had made a year before, and I love it so much, that I decided to self-draft a blouse to use those fabric scraps.

So, I got this fabric from Minerva and it was my first experience sewing with viscose crepe and I loved it so much! It was way easier to cut than normal slinky viscose, and I am seriously planning to sew many many dresses, blouses, wide pants, and maybe jumpsuits from the viscose crepe.

The draft of this pattern was inspired by one pattern I had sewn maybe in 2016, I could not find the pattern and self-drafted the idea of it I had in my head adding all the shapes my body needed for absolute fit.

Pros & Cons of my self-drafted viscose crepe blouse.

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the viscose crepe fabric
  • I love the pattern and the color of the fabric
  • I adore the collar, can be rounded or V-neck (just tie the knots)
  • The wide-shaping goes amazingly with all my skinny jeans!
  • The pleats on the back came out so good!!! (this was my second time sewing pleats after a self-drafted silk georgette blouse and this time it was way easier, lol!)


  • I wish I still had the pattern to repeat it in as many colors as possible! (unfortunately, due to moving it is no longer with me)

Will I sew this self-drafted blouse again?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to because I had to throw away the pattern I have drafted, but I am 100% sure that when I get a chance I will redraft it and make as many as I can!

Do I recommend it?


In the photos below you can see this blouse with self-drafted jackets. It is fun how florish pattern matches squares in color and they look very nice together! And the grey corduroy fabric jacket makes a perfect match as well.


  • Self-drafted blouse sewn from viscose crepe
  • Self-drafted jacket (squares)
  • Self-drafted jacket from grey corduroy
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans (they were light blue, I painted them dark grey at home, supposed to be black, but came out dark greenish grey)
  • Michael Kors bag
  • Sam Edelman shoes
  • Rings and earrings from Santiago de Compostela street markets


Have you sewn something from viscose crepe?

in plans?