I got this beautiful silk georgette and I knew I wanted to sew a blouse out of it. I self-drafted it. My favourite aspect of it was the V-neck which I knew I would love! But I wasn’t sure if big sleeves and a really wide bodice would be fine for me. lol! Experimentation again with the self-drafted patterns.

So, I got this fabric from La Fab Tessuti and it had this animal print which had lighter and darker spots on it. In the pattern drafting, I wanted to take the benefit of it and place it in a certain manner, so it would have a certain level of uniformity))) I placed the dark spots on the back and front of the self-drafted blouse and I also added pleats to the back.

Pros & Cons of my self-drafted silk blouse.

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the silk georgette fabric
  • I love the pattern and the color of the fabric
  • I adore the wide sleeves (it was a pure experiment for me)
  • The wide-shaping goes amazingly with all my skinny jeans
  • I knew I would love the V-neck!
  • The pleats on the darker side of the fabric on the back came out so good!!! (this was my first time sewing pleats and silk georgette wasn’t helping much, lol!)


  • I wish I still had the pattern to repeat it in as many colors as possible! (unfortunately, due to moving it is no longer with me)

Will I sew this self-drafted blouse again?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to because I had to throw away the pattern I have drafted, but I am 100% sure that when I will get a chance I will redraft it and make as many as I can possibly can!

Do I recommend it?

Definitely! Although it might not be very appealing to cut thin silk fabrics, the final result is worth it so much!

In the photos below you can see how well this blouse goes with my knitted cardigan. The wide sleeves of the blouse made a perfect match with the puffs of the gown cardigan!


  • Self-drafted silk blouse
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans (they were light blue, I painted them dark grey at home, supposed to be black, but came out dark greenish grey)
  • Michael Kors bag
  • Sam Edelman shoes
  • Rings and earrings from Santiago de Compostela street markets
  • Gown cardigan by Irene Lin in Rowan Felted Tweed
  • (The furry friend was watching us from that bush during the photo session, he was super cute!)


Have you sewn something from silk georgette?

in plans?