This gown cardigan by Irene Lin is such an addiction to knit and it leaves you with a strong desire to repeat it over and over!

Pros & Cons of Gown Cardigan.

I knitted it back in 2018 and it is one of the few cardigans I have knitted in past years.

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the pattern, straightforward description, and very well-written!
  • I love the cables on the front
  • I adore the sleeves (a very good option for wider sleeve blouse 🙂 )
  • The shape goes amazingly with all my clothing
  • I picked a very nice color for this gown cardigan to match my wardrobe
  • I am totally in love with tiny little pockets, super cute!


  • I failed with the right yarn choice, needed longer sleeves to feel comfortable and not scratch myself (Rowat felted tweed is not working for my sensitive skin)
  • I questioned the absence of buttons for my comfortability

Will I Knit This Gown Cardigan Again?

I PLAN to repeat it taking into consideration next:

  1. Better quality yarn for my sensitive skin
  2. Light yarn in terms of the weather, I think I want to make it for spring/summer, so the absence of the buttons won’t bother me, because although I know it is possible to add buttons to this design I am super sure that buttons will ruin the beautiful front cables… So, I think in warmer weather I will not be looking to button it up it gets slightly chilly. But this will also hugely depend on where in the world I will live when I decide to reknit it)
  3. I might go for the longer version. There is nothing wrong with a short one, I just want moreeee of front cables, lol
  4. Oh, and make it in a neutral color again, so it goes with everything!
  5. And last but not least – make longer sleeves, I like more puffiness).

Do I recommend it?

Definitely! If you like the look of it, get the pattern! It is an awesome experience to knit this beauty!

Irene Lin – Gown Cardigan


  • Gown cardigan by Irene Lin
  • Self-drafted silk blouse
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans (they were light blue, I painted them dark grey at home, supposed to be black, but came out dark greenish grey)
  • Michael Kors bag
  • Sam Edelman shoes
  • Rings and earrings from Santiago de Compostela street markets