It becomes very easy to walk in a crochet maxi skirt when it is made wide enough! So, before you decide on this amazing adventure into crocheting a maxi skirt for summer take measurements!

Measurements for crochet maxi skirt.

You might think that of course, it must be my size, whether I am crocheting it or buying it. But, look, I am not talking about the size of the skirt to fit you, I want to point attention to how wide it must be in the feet area for your comfortable walk.

We all have different figures and leg lengths and we make different step lengths as well.

Steps to get the right measurement.

0. Take a centimeter.

1. Stand straight, feet together.

2. Put feet shoulder wide.

3. Now put your feet a little wider than your shoulders, so that it is wide, but you can still stand firmly.

4. Bend over and measure the circumference around your ankles and your knees. You will have to account for both of these measurements when you are crocheting your maxi skirt.
Or ask somebody to do it for you, I have done both ways, it is accurate enough any way you choose.
If your centimeter is not as long to measure the circumference around the ankles, then do your best to measure the distance between one foot and the other. Multiply it by 2 to receive the circumference and then add 2-5cm extra, just to account for the width of the foot or any sliding  of the meter…)

Crochet maxi skirt with net
Crochet maxi skirt with net
Crochet maxi skirt with net
Crochet maxi skirt with net

Why width matters for a crochet maxi skirt.

I am stressing so much to take the measurements for the width of the widest step you can make because I believe that comfortability is the key.

Imagine you are crocheting hours, days, maybe weeks the most beautiful crochet maxi skirt for your wardrobe, and then you do not wear it. Or maybe you are paying quite a lot of money for a maxi crochet skirt that looks fantastic, but then…regrets not being comfortable in it.

Summer is a wild time. You sweat, it is hot, you walk, maybe travel… The crochet maxi skirt must be wide for all those activities for you to be comfortable.

Details of this crochet maxi skirt.

I have made it out of pure silk yarn, with a 1,5mm crochet hook. This crochet maxi skirt was inspired by RTW. And damn, I regret making it as it was on the model, long, thin, and oh-so-beautiful!

I made it thinking of summer, using silk yarn, silk lining, and…not wide enough for my comfort.

However, I should acknowledge it was very fun crocheting it! It took me long time to finish all those tiny details, and was extremely fun!

Crochet round motif
Crochet square motif
Crochet motives connected
Crochet pineapple motif
Crochet maxi skirt with pineapple motif
Crochet maxi skirt with pineapple motif
Crochet maxi skirt with net motif