I had the Skew Cardigan knitting pattern by Brooklyn Tweed on my “wish to knit list” for a while. I was postponing for some reason… until I saw Hudson Worsted and those two made a very nice combo picture in my head!

I wanted these two colors together, one (dark) because I knew it suited me well, and the other one (light) was a test for me, to see if there was a space in my wardrobe for it. I loved how they looked together, but unfortunately, it was very challenging for me to fit this cardigan into my wardrobe for several reasons. But before going there… I love love love (did I say LOVE) the pattern! It is written perfectly, I could follow everything with ease and excitement! I also love very very very much the design, it is super interesting to make!

Now, what was wrong? lol, really nothing, I am just getting to know myself better! I prefer less weight in a knitted cardigan. The yarn was very heavy! The Skew cardigan came out super heavy as well. I would leave it to use at home, as a cozy blanket, but then…well, you cannot wash it in a washing machine, and washing it by hand…it is HEAVY! It is nothing new, right? I just did not know myself enough to account for it.

Also with this heaviness comes warmth, but… it is an open cardigan, with no buttons. So, again, getting to know myself, for my taste it was too warm for not having buttons.

To conclude: I love the pattern (cannot recommend it enough!) I love the yarn (oh, so squishy and soft and warm!), but not both together))

Pros & Cons of Skew Cardigan.

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the written pattern
  • I love the design, super unique!


  • Personal preference discovered: open cardigan has to be knitted from lighter yarn

Will I knit this crochet sweater again?

I definitely will! BUT! This time I plan to make it from summery yarn, or half summery at least) I want it to be way lighter, so I can wear it instead of a jacket during spring/summer on chilly (but still warm) days.

Do I recommend it?


It is very well-written and fun to knit! It looks super interesting with jeans, very unique design!

Tutorial for Stripes’ circular knitting

The sleeves of this Skew Cardigan you knit in a circular mode, so I have made a tutorial to avoid “jumps” in color changing for stripes, so it will be more uniform.

I used:

I made a sample and measured it and after knitting the whole cardigan, washing it, and wearing it I measured again. The stitch count was a bit different. (see photos) I have chosen size 3, which is 36,25 inches, or 92cm, even when my bust circumference is between 93 and 96cm. I am happy I chose this size because my stitch count changed from 19 stitches in the sample to 17 stitches in the finished cardigan, and also the front of the Skew cardigan is very relaxed and large, in size 3 it would cover my bust even if I had way more volume. In choosing the size I would suggest looking at the arm circumference because the sleeves are quite fitted by design.

I am wearing:

  • me-made Skew Cardigan by Brooklyn Tweed
  • Uniqlo t-shirt
  • Asos jeans
  • Proenza Schouler PS1 large – bag
  • The silver chain from local shop

Have you used yak yarn?

in plans?