This Bevel Scarf by Brooklyn Tweed went straight to my wish-to-knit list as fast as I saw it. And I would knit it again over and over! lol! It is a very interesting project to plan, to knit, and to wear! As fast as I move to a winter-cold climate I am making this scarf again for sure!

It was super fun to pick the colors for this scarf, there can be so many fun variants! The only thing I would change here is to choose a way softer yarn for my sensitive skin, overwise if you are not very”itchy” Rowan Felted Tweed has a huge amount of fun colors that suit amazingly together!!!

Officially this was my third garter stitch scarf, the first one and the second one are the simplest variants of scarves you can knit with garter stitch. This knitting scarf pattern however calls attention to itself like crazy!!!

Pros & Cons of Bevel scarf.

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the texture
  • I love the combination of 4 colors knitted together
  • I adore the ease of knitting
  • The design goes amazingly with all my jackets (and my husband’s jackets too ;)!


  • I wish I had knitted more versions of it
  • I wish I had chosen softer yarn

Will I knit this Bevel stitch scarf again?

If we live again in cooler temperature weather, this will be one of my first makes!

Do I recommend it?


With one BUT, if you hate hiding yarns at the end of the project, you need to consider another pattern, because with this one you will have a lot (!!!) to hide).

In the photos below you can see this garter stitch Bevel scarf with different jackets I have sewn (corduroy jacket, animal print jacket, squared jacket, and Chanel fw18′ inspired jacket), as well as with a beanie I have knitted for my hubby and another beanie with beads I have made for myself.

I used:

  • Rowan Felted Tweed 4 colors
  • Bevel Scarf by Brooklyn Tweed

oh.. and did I mention that I planned this scarf for my hubby? Well, it was for him, and the yarn was soft enough for his skin, not itchy at all))! yay! 

One tiny thing for you to consider, before knitting this scarf is you will need to hide a lot A LOT (!!!) of tiny yarns when you are finished with knitting. So get ready)) If you hate hiding yarns, then consider another knitting pattern.

Wearing a garter stitch scarf with a corduroy jacket


Wearing a garter stitch scarf with Chanel RTW FW18-inspired jacket


  • Self-drafted Chanel RTW FW18′ inspired jacket
  • Knitted beanie 1
  • Knitted beanie 2
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans
  • Uniqlo t-shirt
  • DKNY bag
  • Sam Edelman boots
  • Rings and earrings from Santiago de Compostela street markets

Wearing a garter stitch scarf with animal print jacket


  • Animal print jacket
  • Knitted beanie 3
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans
  • Rings and earrings from Santiago de Compostela street markets

My husband wearing a garter stitch scarf with a me-drafted jacket for him

My husband is WEARING:

  • Me-drafted jacket for him
  • Knitted beanie from baby merino
  • Knitted beanie 1
  • Knitted beanie 2

Have you knitted something with a garter stitch?

in plans?