This was my first crochet sweater. I was testing myself, my wardrobe, the weather, and the yarn.

After crocheting this sweater I visited a city called A Coruña (La Coruña) for the first time. It was just my 1st year in Spain and everything looked so different to me, and I constantly lived in the feeling of wonder and appreciation. If you are following me since the beginning of my journey you probably know that in 2010, right after finishing my university I moved to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. There I started my journey to crochet clothing. Santiago de Compostela is a very nice city, very tranquil most of the year, and super rainy all the time. So when we visited A Coruña, which is located on the shore, I experienced how cold it gets on the beach when you are wearing a crochet sweater, although it has been made from merino yarn! All those little holes were capturing all the wind, even under the jacket I could almost feel the crochet pattern on my skin! lol!

I love how this crochet merino sweater looks on me, I enjoyed making it, and I love the crochet pattern and different colors. But…I said to myself, the wind was too strong that day, lol! I made more crochet sweaters before I realized that it was not for me at all! Slow learner, they call it!

The yarn was a merino/nylon combination I got from a local (Santiago de Compostela) yarn shop. I did not know then Katia Yarns and it was my experiment. The yarn I got to make a crochet dress, and I ended up with leftovers, I bought an extra color and finished up with this sweater.

Pros & Cons of crochet sweater.

Let’s jump into PROs:

  • I love the texture
  • I love the combination of three colors knitted together
  • I adore the crochet pattern
  • The shape goes amazingly with all my jeans!


  • After several crochet sweaters I understood that crochet sweaters are for me, too many holes to let the wind in!

Will I knit this crochet sweater again?

I definitely will! BUT! This time I plan to make it from summery yarn, like silk or cotton) to enjoy spring or chilly summer evenings. Maybe I will try to make sleeves shorter, or even no sleeves at all. Maybe looser. Well…you can see I started to come up with many variants and possibilities. I really really like how it looks on my body!

Do I recommend it?


It is fun to crochet, and fun to combine different colors. Looks super interesting with jeans!

The yarn I used:

  • merino/nylon yarn by Katia Yarns (it was like a fine tube of nylon filled with merino fiber, it was super durable and stable) was discontinued.

I wish they bring it back or find something similar in quality!

I am wearing:

  • crochet sweater
  • crochet scarf
  • crochet beanie
  • Bershka pants
  • Stradivarius jacket
  • Local shop boots
  • Crochet dress from the same yarn
  • Knitted shawl


Have you crocheted a sweater?

in plans?