Do you sew, crochet, or knit clothing? Do you want to organize your process of creating so you use your time productively to only make pieces you will wear? Do you want to make more pieces that suit your lifestyle, your body, your wardrobe?

In 2017 I published the first edition of the hWardrobe ebook, which was directed to sewist who wants to optimize their process of creation of their handmade wardrobe for their curves and lifestyle. In this second edition I am adding everything that can help you to:

  • draw your body silhouette
  • specify what silhouette of clothing you feel the best wearing
  • what fabrics/yarns you prefer to use in your project
  • declutter your pattern stash
  • declutter your sewing/knitting room and more…

This ebook is written for crocheters, sewists, and/or knitters.

Be sure to weigh your strengths, assess whether you will have enough time to complete the testing, and the ability to share photos of the finished drawing. If you are not confident in your ability to finish the current testing on time, it is better to wait for the ebook to come out.

If you have already bought my 1st Edition of this ebook in 2017, please email me at with the email you used for purchase and I will send you the second edition free of charge when the testing is over.


Do you answer positively to all five questions:

1-Do you sew/crochet/knit clothing? (can be just one or several options at the same time)

2-Do you want to make more of what you will/want to wear all the time?

3-Do you want your makes to match your body curves/lifestyle?

4.-The testing will start from 5th of January 2024 and end 30th of January 2024. Can you meet the requirements described below for this time range?

5.-Do you have access to open the ebook PDF on mobile decide, and PC/Laptop?

If the answers are YES, then proceed to:

1. Follow me on Instagram @valeriaspeck

2. Send me an email to participate in testing to including the following:

Email subject: eBook testing

My name is:

My Instagram nickname is: @

I have a sewing/knitting/crochet blog:

I knit, sew, and/or crochet clothes (pick what you do, there can be several at the same time):

My height is (cm):

My bust and hip circumferences are (cm):

Confirmation that you have read and agree with the rules and requirements described in the post (I agree with the rules and requirements): 


1. Testing will start on January 5th, 2024 and will end on January 30th, 2024. The finished version will be published on February 5th.

2. The ebook is readable using PDF Acrobat on your mobile devices as well as on the PC/laptop. However, you will need to have access to a PC, or laptop PDF Acrobat because the hWardrobe ebook contains interactive pages, which I would like you to test to know how well automatic calculations perform.

3. For testing this ebook you will need a piece of A5 or A4 paper, eraser, pencil, ruler, and tape measurement.

4. During the testing time I need you to follow the instructions in the ebook to draw your body silhouette. Do not worry or hesitate, the instructions for drawing the body silhouette are directed to anybody, even those who consider they cannot draw at all.

5. You would be expected to communicate with me through email at least once per week to talk about your progress, any questions, or doubts.

6. The finished drawing must be photographed or scanned and sent to on or before the 30th of January and posted on your Instagram account with the #hwardrobebook #hwardrobedrawing @valeriaspeck on the 5th of February. In case you do not have an Instagram account you will not be able to participate in testing. If you have a private Instagram account, you will be expected to make it public from the 5th of February to the 15th of February 2024. I hope you can take the best photo of your drawing because beautiful and informative photos are a massive help to me and others who are going to draw themselves using this ebook.

7. By submitting your application for testing, you agree that your photos of processes and finished projects can be used for further design promotion in lookbooks, blogs, Instagram, etc. As well as for analysis of errors, if such happened.

8. On the first day of the testing, you will receive a PDF file with a full or partial draft of the ebook and a questionnaire PDF form to be filled out and sent to on or before the 30th of January. It should be understood that the test file is a draft, and there may (and will be) mistakes in it. Using comments in PDF Acrobat you need to notify about the errors found both in the calculations, in the description of the process, and incomprehensible places; found grammatical, stylistic mistakes, and typos. Suggestions for improving the book are always welcome.

9. If unforeseen circumstances occur during testing (illness, changes at work, etc.), be sure to inform about this with anticipation.

10. It is strictly forbidden to send or show the test file to anyone. Distributing the test file violates intellectual property law. Also, during testing, it is prohibited to show anyone scans or photos of parts of the drawing, text, or tables with calculations. If a substantial piece of text is needed to prove an error, send a picture, scan, or file with marks to