When I think of a crochet skirt first I imagine a beach and something daring to wear anywhere else. This midi crochet skirt has changed my mind fast about where it is appropriate to wear it, but mainly how romantic it can make me feel!

The Crochet midi skirt backstory.

In 2009 I saw a crochet midi skirt on the site of Victoria Secret and I fell in love with it! I did not know how to crochet then… Time passed and in 2011 I already managed to crochet a few pieces for my crochet wardrobe. After my first crochet midi skirt, I remembered this one!

And I rushed to search for the appropriate yarn to crochet this midi skirt. Unfortunately, the yarn was a bit of a challenge to find to satisfy my desires.

The yarn for the crochet midi skirt.

It was nearly the end of 2011 when I was offered to buy a silk yarn which was discontinued. It did not have many meters, but I accepted fast, as the price was marvelous for a 100% silk yarn.

I have not crocheted or knitted anything with silk yarn until this moment. But it was so nice and silky that I could not even doubt that something can go wrong!

Last, but not least I had some yarn leftovers. I used it to make a crochet bolero, which I initially thought I could wear with this crochet midi skirt. Well, I never did. But I did wear that crochet bolero a lot with different dresses, tops, and beachwear!

The lining for the crochet midi skirt.

And I was right (luckily!). I finished the skirt super fast! Washed it, steamed it, and started my experiments with lining.

The material.

The lining… This was the most challenging part as I did not know how to sew back then. I tried different linings I could find in local shops. Unfortunately, all of them were poly and did not suit my needs.

The color.

Then I remembered that I had a viscose dress that I had not been wearing for a while and it had a nice chocolate color.

I was a little bit worried if it will go well with red, but the match came out perfect! Deep dark chocolate with red-ish brick color is perfection! It also was matching perfectly my most worn summer sandals!

Before this chocolate lining, I tried different colors. And let me tell you if it was not for the material (I was looking for natural lining) it could have taken ages to choose the color! lol!

But I think that this exact chocolate color combination is that gave this skirt such a romantic look and feel.

Crochet midi skirt with flowers back side view
Crochet midi skirt with flowers
Crochet midi skirt with flowers full front view
Crochet midi skirt with flowers side view
Crochet midi skirt with flowers front