The crochet top “Centered” with intriguing circular detail and a very interesting curve of the neckline became my favorite crochet wardrobe piece since the day I first tried it.

Crochet top backstory.

I made this crochet top back in 2010, it was one of my first crochet makes. Probably it was my first crochet top ever.

The design of this top was inspired by Victoria’s Secret crochet top I saw online (maybe from the 2007 collection…., not sure). I wanted to reproduce it completely, but it kind of came out differently. T first I got angry with myself because of it. Only now looking back I am very happy to say that this crochet top came out differently and is unique in its final look.

Crochet top yarn.

I used Katia Yarns for this crochet top, which unfortunately has been discontinued since then. It was kind of 90% rayon, 5% poly, and 5% lurex.

It was really nice yarn! The tiny poly thread was inclosing lurex thread. It was showing lurex just enough to make the crochet top shine. And at the same time, the lurex was not scratching my skin.

This yarn was also machine washable. Well, I am not sure if Katia Yarns were promoting it as such, but I personally washed it multiple times and the crochet top always looked as new!

Crochet top challenges.

One challenge I had to face with this top – is to buy the right bra))) I spend nearly 2 years looking for the right-cut bra.

My bust is 95cm with C cups, so most of the choices with no straps, or sticky cups were not holding in place for long, especially in hot Spanish summers, lol! Hold with me…I managed to resolve it with Wonderbra Ultimate strapless bra (maybe it is called differently in different countries, not sure) it holds everything in place for my C cups and is extremely comfortable (considering it is strapless).

I bought it the first time in a local shop in Santiago de Compostela, but later on, I found it a lil cheaper in Asos. I strongly recommend it for any strapless/no-lining situation)))

The back view of the crochet top


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