Designing Handmade Wardrobe

for sewist, knitters, and crocheters

Designing Your Handmade Wardrobe


Discover the joy of creating a wardrobe that’s uniquely yours with “hWardrobe – 2nd Edition.” This comprehensive guide, crafted by Valeria Speck, takes you on a journey from understanding your body’s unique curves to designing a sustainable wardrobe that reflects your personal style and passions.

Imagine sketching your own body silhouette—no artistic skills required—and choosing silhouettes, colors, fabrics, and yarns that celebrate your individuality. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or just starting out, this book offers step-by-step instructions and inspiring examples to help you craft garments that fit perfectly and look stunning.

With interactive features, detailed measurement tables, and practical advice on planning and creating, “hWardrobe” empowers you to make more of what you love and wear what makes you feel confident. Embrace the art of handmade clothing and enjoy the satisfaction of a wardrobe tailored just for you.

Get your copy of “hWardrobe – 2nd Edition” today and start your creative journey towards a stylish, sustainable, and uniquely you wardrobe!