For a while, I have been observing and getting more and more irritated with how companies, big companies use the term “crochet”. Anything lacey can become crochet in seconds!

Call it by its name.

I have been crocheting for almost 15 years and from time to time it made me doubt myself, maybe, just maybe, somehow, legally they can call anything they want crochet… Well, Anybody CAN call anything however they want to. But as I understand it when you want to sell something to someone and call it something else it is kind of a lie, right? Legally! Lie!

So if I want to sell you a bag and call it a couch and you really want to buy a bag and bring you a couch, it won’t be something you expect, right?

The difference is that everybody will see if it is a couch or a bag, but not everybody will see the difference between lace and crochet, between something knitted and something crocheted.

Most of us without special preparation will not see the difference between a diamond and a crystal…soooo

I really want to put an end to these shenanigans by calling crochet anything that has holes in it.

The problem is they are not only calling it crochet, they are also asking for a price point!

Crochet is by hand only!

The thing is you cannot crochet with a machine, ai, you CAN crochet only by hand. So as a company, you need to pay people to crochet many hours. And … well, it is not cheap, or not as cheap as the companies want it to be.

My understanding is next:

1- Companies / Brands lie on purpose – crochet is fancy, crochet is by hand, look at our collection (which was NOT crocheted) and pay us as if it was crocheted

2- Companies/ Brands just hire people to sell what they do. These people have no idea about fashion and they just call however they want in order to sell and make money…

Both ways are very low blow…

Crochet demands.

I would like to demand #respectfashion, #respectcrochet #respectclients

Being a fashion company they are literally bringing fashion down, removing art from fashion… thus it will become something empty…and sad.

Please share this information with your friends and family, if you know what crochet looks like, please teach your friends and family to see the difference, and to buy the real crochet. Let’s not let crochet die…


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